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Recent Case Studies


Amoxicillin Removal via NF – The rise in antibiotic consumption lends forth the need for new technology to remove it from wastewater and prevent further contamination in aquatic environments …



NF Lactose Concentration Case Study – The objective of this study was to examine the flux, total organic carbon (TOC) rejection, and calcium rejection performance of Synder’s NFX and NFS membranes … [read more]

NF Whey Concentration & De-ashing – Nanofiltration technology is commonly used throughout the dairy industry for applications such as whey processing. The removal of salts via nanofiltration … [read more]

High Solids Applications – Feed spacer geometry can be just as crucial as spacer thickness, in high solids applications, such as whey protein concentration … [read more]

Demineralization of Lactose – In the concentration of whey protein, the byproduct generated is a salty lactose solution. This lactose can be concentrated with a nanofiltration membrane for use in … [read more]


Oil & Gas

Sulfate Removal Applications – As global demand rises, nanofiltration technology has become essential throughout the oil and gas industry by improving the efficiency of waterflooding processes and enhancing oil recovery. Water injection solutions must have low concentrations of sulfate … [read more]

MF - Industrial Process & Wastewater Thumbnail


Oil Removal in Wastewater Treatment – The removal of oils present in many industrial wastewater, streams has become increasingly necessary, in order to accommodate stringent discharge regulations, and growing manufacturing costs. The, utilization of ultrafiltration is an effective method … [read more]


E-Coat Paint: UF Paint Recovery – As a leading supplier of ultrafiltration membranes, systems, and anode cells to the electrocoating industry, Synder provides complete UF systems for … [read more]

Industrial Processes

Dissolved NOM in Surface Water – Surface water may have high levels of dissolved organic matters (DOM) in many parts of the world. In many cases, DOM must be removed via … [read more]

Landfill Leachate Treatment – Synder’s NFW Nanofiltration membrane was employed as a post-treatment to an MBR process which treated the discharge from power plants burning the landfill materials … [read more]

Food & Beverage

Maple Syrup Concentration – In the production of maple syrup, maple sap is concentrated from roughly 2% sugar to 66%+ sugar. This concentration is achieved primarily by … [read more]

Concentration of Gibberellins – Gibberellins (GA3) are the plant hormones that can be used to stimulate plant growth by influencing various developmental processes such as … [read more]

Textiles & Dyes

Concentration of Optical Brightening Agents – For all manufacturers, freight costs for shipping their products can significantly affect their company’s competitiveness on pricing. In this case, the current product of … [read more]

Dye Concentration – The goal of this study is to determine if Synder’s NFX membrane is capable of handling five different dye products with minimum product loss during the desalination and concentration process … [read more]

Recovery of Optical Brightening Agents – Optical brightening agents are special dyes that absorb ultraviolet light and re-emit light in the blue region, usually at 420-470nm. This application is called … [read more]

Application Development Program

Learn more about Synder’s comprehensive custom application development program and wide variety of pilot systems available for testing. Here at Synder, we realize the importance of flexibility and responsiveness, which is why we created a comprehensive application development program to fulfill specific separation needs. We work closely with our customers to fully understand, design, and deliver both custom membranes and systems.

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At Synder Filtration, we take pride in providing technical expertise and personal collaboration with our customers. With our newly designed research & development laboratory and fleet of pilot systems, we are able to conduct a wide range of feasibility tests both in-house and on-site. … [read more]

Membrane Development Program
At Synder Filtration, we aim to provide quality products, technical expertise, and quick responsiveness. With our state-of-the-art laboratory, extensive array of pilot systems, and growing team of scientists and engineers, we are able to develop and customize innovative membranes to fit specific process separation needs and applications across all industries. We take pride in collaborating closely with our customers to ensure consistent… [read more]

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