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Surfactant Cleanup and Recovery from Aqueous Solutions

Many industrial manufacturing processes such as glass molding and oil drilling generate waste streams containing high concentrations of pollutants and surfactants. With concerns regarding environmental discharge regulations and water reuse, ultrafiltration membranes have proven to be an effective alternative for the recovery and reuse of surfactants from aqueous surfactant-containing solutions. Using ultrafiltration membranes with pore sizes on the larger end of the spectrum, the surfactant is able to pass through into the permeate while retain the larger contaminants and pollutants for later disposal.

Synder’s Industrial A6 and V6 provide economical solutions for surfactant recovery due to their large pore sizes and low surface fouling tendencies, allowing the surfactant to pass through while separating the impurities found in the wastewater.

Benefits of membrane processes:

  1. Higher rejection of contaminants from wastewater
  2. Reduction in costs from the recovery and reuse of surfactants

Recommended membranes:

A6 & V6

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