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Recovery of Organic Acid from Wastewater

The recovery of organic acids from wastewater involves the use of membrane filtration technology to concentrate and recover volatile fatty acids. Once microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes are employed to clarify and fractionate the suspended solids, nanofiltration can be used to desalt and concentrate the organic acids.

Synder’s NFX nanofiltration membrane is effective for the desalination and concentration of organic acids found in wastewater. With a pore range between 100-300Da, NFX is able to reject fully reject multivalent ions and partially reject monovalent ions found in the pre-filtered effluent, providing a purified solution suitable for discharge or reuse in electrodialysis operations.

Benefits of membrane processes:

  1. Cost-effective technique
  2. Small footprint and ability to meet environmental discharge regulations

Recommended membranes:


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