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Custom Membrane Solutions

“Synder membranes have formed a key part of Fonterra’s membrane operation over the last 8 years. What stands out for Fonterra is the consistency of membrane performance and first class support that Synder continually provides to our remote plants throughout New Zealand and elsewhere around the world. ”
~ Mark, Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited

Membrane Technology

Synder Filtration’s polymeric membranes are used to separate, concentrate, or fractionate a wide variety of liquids. Membranes serve as a thin barrier between miscible fluids that allow for preferential transport of one or more feed components when a driving.. // READ MORE

Nanofiltration • Ultrafiltration • Microfiltration

Synder Filtration offers a suite of nanofiltration membranes that are engineered to provide optimal flux and rejection and can be customized to meet the unique requirements of specific process applications. // READ MORE –> NFUFMF

Membrane Systems

Membrane filtration systems are the heart of many separation processes. Application research, equipment design, and fabrication quality are all critical factors in the ultimate success of a project. To start, the proper membrane configuration must be selected. // READ MORE

Anode Cells

Synder Filtration has manufactured anode cells and anolyte circulation systems for the Ecoat industry since 1996, and is proud to serve most of the major automotive companies globally. Synder is capable of manufacturing anode cells to a variety of sizes… // READ MORE – TechCELL, SuperCELL

Chemicals & Pretreatment

Synder Filtration offers a wide range of cleaning and dosing chemicals designed to optimize process performance, flux stability, and membrane life. Chemical products are tailor-made to address specific challenges in process feed streams. // READ MORE

Spare Parts

Synder Filtration has your membrane housing, spare parts, and accessories requirements covered for both standard membrane use and in the E-Coat industry. We offer a comprehensive inventory of spare parts to help keep our valued customers up and running. // READ MORE






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