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New Products

As a leading supplier of membrane filtration technology, Synder Filtration continues to invest heavily in R&D to meet market demands across the globe. We take pride in being able to customize membranes and element sizes to fulfill the needs of specialty process applications, and have the capability to perform feasibility tests in-house at our pilot testing facility. For more information about feasibility testing, contact us at or call us at (707) 451-6060.

Synder Introduces New OptimaFlow Series Elements

Synder Filtration is pleased to announce the launch of the Optimaflow Series element. This new product line is available for all existing ultrafiltration and microfiltration standard and MAX membrane types in the same common element sizes and models. Custom models are available upon request. // READ MORE


Synder Introduces Open Channel Ribbed Spacer for High Solids Applications

Synder Filtration is pleased to announce the addition of a new, 80mil open channel ribbed spacer, which showed an average pressure drop reduction of 37% compared to the standard diamond spacer in our in-house studies. These ribbed spacers are well-suited for a variety of high solids applications and have the potential to reduce energy consumption and increase total solid loading capacity. // READ MORE


Synder Introduces New Line of Polyacrylonitrile Membranes for Oil Removal in Wastewater Treatment

Synder Filtration is pleased to announce the release of PX (400kDa), PY (100kDa), and PZ (30kDa), our new line of industrial ultrafiltration membranes developed specifically for oil removal in wastewater treatment applications. Made with polyacrylonitrile, Synder’s PAN membranes serve as a more hydrophilic, lower-fouling alternative to PVDF for wastewater treatment applications. // READ MORE


NFS – Synder’s New Nanofiltration Thin-film Composite Membrane Ideal for Sulfate Removal Applications

Synder Filtration is pleased to introduce NFSTM, a nanofiltration membrane specifically formulated to deliver superior sulfate rejection for applications such as water flood injection in the oil and gas industry. This membrane consistently produces greater flux vs. leading competitors, increasing efficiency and potentially reducing NF system footprint on offshore platforms. // READ MORE

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