Synder Introduces New Line of Polyacrylonitrile Membranes for Oil Removal in Wastewater Treatment

Synder Filtration is pleased to announce the release of PX (400kDa), PY (100kDa), and PZ (30kDa), our new line of industrial ultrafiltration membranes developed specifically for oil removal in wastewater treatment applications. Oils present in the effluent of many industrial applications hinder a number of downstream processes, making oil reduction a critical process requirement. Oil removal is equally important in the case of stringent discharge regulations, as well as for making the effluent suitable for reuse. Compared to other oil removal techniques, ultrafiltration is an effective alternative in terms of both cost and efficiency. Made with polyacrylonitrile, Synder’s PAN membranes serve as a more hydrophilic, lower-fouling alternative to PVDF for wastewater treatment applications. In addition, these membranes are suitable for use in a wide variety of other industrial applications, from oil removal in tailing ponds to enzyme purification. Industrial Elements With over 25 years of experience in the membrane filtration industry, Synder continues to focus on specialty process applications. The addition of PAN membranes to Synder’s membrane line provides even greater flexibility in separation process development. As a financially independent membrane manufacturer, Synder invests heavily in R&D and application development, with exceptional lead times and responsiveness. For more information about our membranes, please check out our website at or email us at

CASE STUDY: Oil Removal in Wastewater Treatment
The removal of oils present in many industrial wastewater, streams has become increasingly necessary, in order to accommodate stringent discharge regulations, and growing manufacturing costs. The, utilization of ultrafiltration is an effective method … Read More
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