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Industrial Processes & Wastewater

For the past 25 years, Synder Filtration has been specializing in membrane filtration technology used across a wide spectrum of industries. We strive to optimize processes throughout manufacturing facilities and are committed to reducing the environmental impact and eliminating the discharge of harsh chemicals into the environment.

With a dire need for products and engineering services of the highest quality to treat our most precious resource, Synder is as committed as ever to developing new and innovative solutions for water and wastewater treatment.  We are focused on helping our customers develop new membrane applications, even if the project requires highly customized systems and/or new membrane formulations. We approach every project with the expertise and personal responsiveness that has come to define “The Synder Difference” in customer service.


Oil Removal in Wastewater

The removal of oils present in many industrial wastewater streams has become increasingly necessary in order to accommodate stringent discharge regulations and growing manufacturing costs. Oils present in the effluent of many industrial applications hinder a number of downstream processes, making oil reduction a critical process requirement. The utilization of Ultrafiltration PAN (polyacrylonitrile) membranes is an effective method for achieving this separation, allowing for safe discharge or re-use.

Surface & Groundwater Treatment

A primary problem consistently faced in surface and groundwater treatment, is the inherent fluctuations in the composition of feed streams. The NFX Nanofiltration membrane offers high rejection rates of multivalent and divalent ions. By eliminating odors, colors, and THM precursors, NFX is a favorable alternative to RO membranes for use in groundwater filtration for groundwaters that do not require salt removal.

Seawater Desalination

Synder’s NFX Nanofiltration membrane offers an uncommon combination of performance and environmental friendliness in seawater desalination pretreatment. By removing divalent ions up to 2,000 mg/l of TDS, the NFX membrane is capable of removing ions that cause hardness, such as CaCO3. By achieving this separation with little to no regenerating chemicals, NFX is the environmentally conscious choice in hardness removal from seawater.

Brackish Water

Of the 2.27 x 1016 m3 of groundwater available in the United States, over half is composed of brackish water (1.28 x 1016 m3). Proper treatment of this water is vital to prevent damage to important sectors of major industries, like agricultural production. The NFX Nanofiltration membrane‘s ability to easily remove divalent and multivalent ions, odors, colors, and THM precursors have opened the door the treatment and utilization of this water to alleviate freshwater shortages.


Synder offers a wide range of Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration membranes suitable for various Industrial and Wastewater applications.

Compared to other oil removal techniques, Ultrafiltration is an effective alternative in terms of both cost and efficiency. Made with polyacrylonitrile, Synder’s PAN membranes serve as a more hydrophilic, lower-fouling alternative to PVDF for wastewater treatment applications. In addition, these membranes are suitable for use in a wide variety of other industrial applications, from oil removal in tailing ponds to enzyme purification.

The NFX (TFC 150-300Da) membrane is a preferred alternative to RO membranes for use in groundwater filtration for groundwaters that do not require salt removal, as it is able to eliminate odors, colors, and THM precursors.  It is also favorable for its ability to remove certain amounts of hardness from seawater and treat brackish water.

Case Study

In this specific case, a customer was seeking an energy-saving technology to concentrate the DOM from a swamp in Georgia. Obviously, the more concentrated the humic acid is in the final product, the higher the value and the greater the savings in transport costs. Synder’s NFX membrane was tested in a two month field trial and resulted in a concentration factor of up to 100x, making NF technology a viable solution to achieve the concentration goal.  

Natural Dissolved Organic Matter Recovery

The goal of this study was to investigate the performance of Synder’s PX membrane in a representative feed stream of emulsified oil and compare such performance to that of a leading competitor.

Oil Removal in Wastewater Treatment



Synder also offers a comprehensive application development program including feasibility testing for newer specialty process applications. Please contact us for more information. You will receive a personal response from one of our experienced team members within 24 hours.

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