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Oat Sweetener Clarification

During the production process, raw materials such as rolled oats, milled oats, and whole oat grains are hydrolyzed with enzymes then dried to produce oats with a sweeter complex. Additional protein, fiber, and oils are mixed into the sweetened oats for more nutritional content, and the concentrated form results in a sweet oat syrup. To reduce the turbidity and opaque appearance in the original suspension, membrane filtration technology can be applied to allow the water-soluble materials to pass through, while reject the larger molecules.

Synder’s FR (PVDF800kDa) membrane has been tested for its ability to clarify these oat-derived sweeteners. With large open pore sizes, the microfiltration membranes were able to successfully reduce a large amount of turbidity from the feed solution.

Benefits of membrane process:

  1. Efficiency in clarification of oat-derived sweeteners
  2. High reduction in opacity and turbidity levels

AD37 - Oat Sweetener Clarification

Recommended membrane:


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