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Gelatin Production

Synder Filtration supplies elements with a wide spectrum of pore sizes to accommodate the process goals within the gelatin industry. Typically, microfiltration membranes are initially applied to remove fat and large suspended solids from the gelatin extract feed stream. Diafiltration is often applied as well to increase the total yield. Once the extract has undergone microfiltration, ultrafiltration is used to concentrate the gelatin, as an energy saving alternative to using a direct evaporator.

In some cases, utilizing Synder’sUF membrane can concentrate gelatin by over 6x the initial brix reading, while allowing the salts pass through to the permeate stream gradually. At the end, the hydrolysate from UF permeate can concentrated even further via nanofiltration, which also assists in desalination. Synder’s MAX elements are also a popular choice, as they can sustain high process temperatures that are typically required for gelatin processing.

Benefits of membrane process:

  1. Reduction in maintenance and operating costs
  2. High clarification and concentration of product with minimal loss

Recommended membrane:

FR (PVDF800), ST (PES 10), MT (PES 5) MAX, NFW

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