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Membrane Chemicals for Process Application

Synder Filtration offers a wide range of cleaning and dosing chemicals designed to optimize process performance, flux stability, and membrane life. Chemical products are tailor-made to address specific challenges in process feed streams. To request more information, please contact us. We will respond with 24 hours!

Pretreatment Products

Synder Filtration offers a wide range of pre-treatment options to help maintain membrane life and sustain performance. Ranging from cost-effective bag filters to large volume multimedia filters, Synder’s pretreatment products are engineered to reduce the amount of chemical constituents and particulate matter that can foul membranes. Contact us today to learn about the right pretreatment options for your application.

Chemical Dosing
Small peristaltic pumps constantly deliver low concentrations of antiscalant, antioxidant (for chlorine), pH balance (acid/caustic), or other pretreatment chemicals to ensure high performance of your membranes.

Cartridge Filters
Cartridge filters are a good “final catch” before the membrane. Filtration rates from 0.1 micron to 100 micron are available.

Water Softeners
Synder Filtration’s water softeners are designed to remove inorganic ion species from the feed solution via ion exchange resin loaded into a tank with a recharge control head and backflush capabilities.

Bag Filters
Bag filters are a cost effective method of reducing particulates in feed streams, resulting in an increase in membrane life and performance. Bag filters ranging from 5 micron to 100 micron are available, with the most common sizes being 25, 50, and 100 micron. Oil absorbing and other options are also available.

Activated Carbon Filters
Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) is excellent for removing organic solvents in water, including chlorine.

Multi -Media Filters
Multi-Media filters are an optimal choice when dealing with large volumes of TSS & turbidity. Reverse Osmosis Cleaning Chemicals – Synder’s RO cleaning chemicals range from dosing chemicals used for CIP cleaning to acid and caustic cleaners. We understand the need to keep your RO system running at peak performance and have many cleaning chemicals available to meet that requirement.

Cleaning & Dosing Chemicals

Powerflux™Concentrate – Ultrafilter Cleaning Solution for Electrocoating
Power Flux Concentrate (PFC) cleaning solution was formulated specifically for removing paint solids from Synder’s V6 E-Coat membranes. Formulated for normal paint fouling, PFC contains zero VOCs and unlike other UF cleaners, it only requires the addition of acid and clean water (RO or DI quality).

  • Available in 1 & 5 gallon containers
  • No expensive additional additives required for normal UF cleaning
  • Specialized cleaning formulations available upon request to combat specialized fouling
    • Biological
    • Iron Heavy
    • Metals

Membrane Cleaner Products – Synder offers a set of concentrated membrane cleaner products that are available in liquid and power formulations. The typical use concentration is a 1% solution, providing a cost effective dilution when compared to other products. The non-oxidizing biocide, Excide™ 20, is an EPA registered antimicrobial for use on membrane systems.

Membrane Cleaner Products

Product Form pH 1% Foulants Membrane
S-20 Acid Powder Cleaner 2 Hardness scale, metals, silica All types
P-11 Alkaline Powder Detergent 10.7 Silt organics, biological Polyamide-TFC, Polysulfone
H-50 Liquid Acid Cleaner 2.2 Hardness scale, metals All types
K-12 Liquid Alkaline Detergent 11.5 Silts, organics, biological,
and sulfate deposits
Polysulfone, PVDF
ExcideTM 20 Liquid Biocide n/a Bacteria, fungi All types

RO Pretreatment Chemicals

Product Type Function Description
CPS-2000 Antiscalant/Dispersant Multifunction antiscalant for CaCO3, BaSO4, CaSO4, SrSO4 and dispersant for silt and metal oxides Universal product to control hardness scaling and membrane fouling
CPS-1052 Antioxidant Removes chlorine as reducing agent Antioxidant reducing agent is used to react with chlorine as pretreatment to RO

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