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Chemical Compatibility Tool


The main purpose of the chemical compatibility tool is to determine the resistance of in-house materials to certain chemicals. The in-house materials list consists of raw materials used in the manufacturing of our filtration elements, and the chemical list contains examples of chemicals that may be found in the feed solution of the end-user.

For example, PES and PVDF are polymers used to make the membrane, Polyamide is coating used for our NF membrane, Epoxy and Polyurethane are glues used during the rolling process depending on the temperature resistance needed, Polyester and Polypropylene are woven to make the backing support for the membrane depending on the pH resistance needed, EPDM and Viton are materials used for o-rings and seals, and PVC, ABS, and Polysulfone are materials used for making permeate tubes and/or ATDs.

This tool is useful for determining if certain types of filtration elements are appropriate for specific process applications, and is especially a good reference tool for new applications. If the chemical in question is not listed in the search box, please contact Synder Filtration directly for more assistance at or call us at (707) 451-6060.



R: Resistant
L: Limited Resistance
N: No Resistance
U: Unknown

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