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Ultrafiltration Membranes


Synder Filtration offers the widest range of ultrafiltration membranes available to provide maximum flexibility in solving unique process challenges. Available in both spiral wound and flat sheet membrane configurations, Synder can customize ultrafiltration membranes and membrane systems to meet the specific application goals of our customers.

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Ultrafiltration membranes are capable of separating larger materials such as colloids, particulates, fats, bacteria, and proteins, while allowing sugars, and other low molecular weight molecules to pass through the membrane.
With a pore size range between 0.01 to 0.1µm, ultrafiltration membrane pore sizes fall between that of nanofiltration and microfiltration. UF membranes typically operate between 50 – 120 PSI (3.4 – 8.3 bar) and are dependent on transmembrane pressure to drive the separation process. Other polymeric ultrafiltration membrane characteristics include robust chemical and temperature resistance, and low fouling tendencies if proper pretreatment is employed.

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Cross Flow Filtration & Process Techniques

Cross Flow Ultrafiltration (also known as Tangential Flow Ultrafiltration) is a separation process where the feed stream is in parallel to the membrane surface, which helps to control the formation of the gel layer, greatly improving flux stability and membrane life vs. perpendicular flow systems.

As opposed to conventional filtration which causes a quick build-up of solids onto the membrane surface, cross flow filtration increases the passage of permeate through the membrane and overall flux efficiency.


Both sanitary and industrial ultrafiltration membranes are comprised of a semi-permeable, polymeric membrane layer cast onto a uniform substrate, or backing material. Synder Filtration employs phase inversion to extra solvents out of the liquid polymer dope that has been cast onto the backing material. As the solvents are extracted, the polymer solidifies forming an asymmetric pore structure, which is ideal for controlling rejection at the surface, while promoting maximum throughput of permeate.

UF Products

Synder Filtration offers an extensive range of ultrafiltration molecular weight cut-offs available in both flat sheet and spiral-wound configurations. These are suitable for use in both sanitary and industrial-grade applications. Sanitary membranes meet compliance with FDA standards listed in CFR Title 21, 3-A Sanitary Standards No. 45-02, and USDA Sanitary Standards.

Many of these membrane formulations were developed specifically by a customer request. Because Synder is financially independent and family owned, we are able to reinvest heavily in our research and application development programs. As a result, membranes and spiral elements can be customized with great speed and flexibility, in order to better serve our valued customers. For more information about our custom membrane development program, please visit this page.

Membrane Type Polymer Molecular Weight Cut-Off
XT UF* PES 1,000
VT UF* PES 3,000
MT UF* PES 5,000
ST UF* PES 10,000
SM UF* PES 20,000
MK UF* PES 30,000
MQ UF* PES 50,000
LY UF* PES 100,000
LV UF* PES 200,000
LX UF* PES 300,000
PZ UF PAN 30,000
PY UF PAN 100,000
PX UF PAN 400,000
V3 UF*1 PVDF 30,000
V4 UF*1 PVDF 70,000
V5 UF*1 PVDF 200,000
V6 UF*1 PVDF 500,000
V7 UF*1 PVDF 800,000
BN UF* PVDF 50,000
BY UF* PVDF 100,000
BX UF* PVDF 250,000
A6 UF* PVDF 500,000

*MAX (High Temperature/High pH) Models Also Available
1Only Available In Industrial Grade

UF Applications

Synder Filtration currently offers over a dozen different types of ultrafiltration membranes, all of which exhibit excellent pH and temperature resistance, in addition to low fouling tendencies. Some common applications of Synder’s UF membrane technology include:


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Automotive / Industrial

  • Electrocoat painting
  • Industrial wastewater treatment


Synder offers a comprehensive application development program to help our customers determine actual UF membrane performance on their specific application. Custom membrane development is also available for customers with unique specialty processing applications. Please contact us for more information about ultrafiltration membranes and products available. You will receive a personal response from one of our experienced team members within 24 hours.

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