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Protein Fractionation & Separation

Whey and casein protein separation are important processes used in the dairy industry. Synder’s FR (PVDF800) and V0.1 (PVDF 0.1um) MF membranes provide an economically feasible solution for the separation of these valuable proteins.

Benefits of membrane process:

  1. Obtaining optimal ratios of casein to fat
  2. Separation of casein and whey proteins

The use of microfiltration technology for protein fractionation and separation into whey and casein proteins is widely used throughout the dairy industry. The large pores in the microfiltration membrane allow the whey and casein to be easily separated before the use of ultrafiltration for further concentration and purification.  This technique of protein standardization allows for more control over the quality of protein by-products and improved ratios of casein to fat.

AD34 - Protein Fractionation-Separation

Recommended membranes:

FR & V0.1

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