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Membrane Filters: Spiral-Wound Ultrafiltration Elements

Synder currently offers 22 different Ultrafiltration membranes that are all available for purchase as flat sheet or spiral would element configurations. Polymer types include PES (polyethersulfone), PVDF (polyvinylidenedifluoride), and PAN (polyacrylonitrile), and molecular weight cut-offs start at 1,000 Daltons and go up to 500,000 Daltons.

1.Spiral_Element_Construction 623x351Ultrafiltration membranes are available in many different configurations, including hollow fiber, tubular, flat sheet, and spiral-wound. When total suspended solids are mostly removed with pre-filtration, spiral-wound ultrafiltration elements are preferred choices because they provide a balanced combination of active membrane area density, physical durability, membrane life, and unit cost.

Sanitary Spiral-Wound Elements

Industrial Spiral-Wound Elements

Synder Filtration currently offers twenty-two different molecular weight cut-offs and sizes for spiral wound ultrafiltration elements, available in both sanitary and industrial grades. With molecular weight cut-offs ranging from 1,000 – 500,000Da and membranes available in both PES and PVDF polymer materials, Synder’s ultrafiltration membranes offer great flexibility and pore selectivity. More information can be found in our sanitary and industrial catalogs.

Membrane Type Polymer Molecular Weight Cut-Off
XT UF* PES 1,000
VT UF* PES 3,000
MT UF* PES 5,000
ST UF* PES 10,000
SM UF* PES 20,000
MK UF* PES 30,000
MQ UF* PES 50,000
LY UF* PES 100,000
LV UF* PES 200,000
LX UF* PES 300,000
PZ UF PAN 30,000
PY UF PAN 100,000
PX UF PAN 400,000
V3 UF*1 PVDF 30,000
V4 UF*1 PVDF 70,000
V5 UF*1 PVDF 200,000
V6 UF*1 PVDF 500,000
V7 UF*1 PVDF 800,000
BN UF* PVDF 50,000
BY UF* PVDF 100,000
BX UF* PVDF 250,000
A6 UF* PVDF 500,000

*MAX (High Temperature/High pH) Models Also Available
1Only Available In Industrial Grade

UF-black-font 623x351

Synder’s sanitary ultrafiltration spiral-wound elements are compliant with FDA (CFR Title 21), USDA 3-A (Sanitary Standards No. 45-02) and are designed for a variety of sanitary and industrial applications, such as:


  • Whey Protein Concentrate/Isolate concentration
  • Milk protein concentration/standardizing
  • Brine clarification
  • Casein/Whey Fractionation

Biotech / Pharmaceutical

  • Enzyme/protein concentration
  • Endotoxin & pyrogen removal
  • Antibiotics production
  • Blood plasma processing

Food & Beverage

  • Gelatin concentration & purification
  • Plant extract processing
  • Corn wet milling
  • Fruit juice concentration

Automotive / Industrial

  • Electrocoat painting
  • Industrial wastewater treatment

Synder can create custom spiral wound elements and provide membrane development services for specific application processes upon request. Please contact us to find out more. You will receive a personal response from one of our team members within 24 hours.

Element Dimensions

UF-MF Recommended Element Cross Flow Rate

UF-MF Example

UF-MF Membrane Area (Sq. Ft.)


For element sizes not listed, please call or email Synder Filtration for details. We can design an element to fit your exact needs – just specify the element outer diameter (OD) or vessel/ housing inner diameter (ID), element inner diameter (ID), and length. Elements are available with or without a controlled bypass tail. Trials should be conducted to determine optimal application conditions.

UF-MF Element Descriptions
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