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Xanthan Gum Concentration

Xanthan gum is an important microbial polysaccharide widely used throughout the food, agricultural, and oil industries as a thickening, stabilizing, and suspending agent. By concentrating thexanthan fermentation broth from 2.5% to 15% (w/v), up to 80% of the energy can be saved in recovering xanthan gum by using ultrafiltration to concentrate the broth prior to alcohol precipitation. Due to the shear-thinning property of xanthan polymer, ultrafiltration at high pumping rates is required, and Synder’s MAX elements can also be implemented for conditions requiring high temperature and extreme pH.

Benefits of membrane process:

  1. Lower energy consumption for concentration of xanthan gum
  2. Reduction in maintenance and operating costs

AD39 - Xanthan Gum Concentration

Recommended membrane:


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