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Optical Brightening Agent (OBA) Recovery

Optical brightening agents are dyes capable of enhancing the appearance of colors by increasing the amount of light reflected. They absorb ultraviolet light and re-emit light in the blue region of the spectrum, usually around 420-470nm, which boosts the appearance of certain colors without the damaging effects of bleaching. To reduce operating costs, nanofiltration can be applied to concentrate the optical brightening agent for reuse in the textile and paper industries.

Synder’s NFX membrane has been very effective for the concentration of optical brightening agents. The thin-film composite allows salts to pass through the membrane easily, while retaining dyes for reuse in other textile processes. This can reduce overall capital costs and help manufacturers produce effluent compliant with discharge regulations.

Benefits of membrane processes:

  1. Obtaining concentrated dyes with low salt content
  2. Low environmental impact and reuse of OBA

Recommended membranes:


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