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Pilot Study Program

Many new membrane applications require pilot testing during their development phase. Synder offers an extensive pilot study program to help our customers develop innovative applications. As an industry leader in supporting research and development activities, we know the importance of having low cost, flexibility, and quick responsiveness. Contact us today to learn more about our Pilot Study program. We look forward to serving you.

Pilot Studies at Synder’s Laboratories

For the companies that prefer to let Synder’s professionals gauge the feasibility or performance of their application, we run a full range of pilot and feasibility testing at Synder headquarters in Vacaville, CA, USA.
  • Stir Cell feasibility tests which require as little as a 500 ml sample
  • Single Cell feasibility tests and performance estimations with both single and eight bank cells which require 5 or 10 liter samples, respectively.
  • Complete spiral wound Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, and Nanofiltration pilot studies, done in house for extended performance testing

On-Site Field Pilot Studies

At Synder, we understand the importance of keeping your information in-house and conducting studies in the most realistic of operating conditions. Our on-site pilot study program allows for the utmost flexibility in trial time and engineering support possible.
  • We provide a pilot system to your preferred specifications for either feasibility or performancetesting.
  • Systems are available for purchase or monthly rental for the duration of your choice
  • Onsite engineering support for start-up, training, & troubleshooting
  • Technical support at all phases of the study
  • Data analysis and projections for full scale systems
  • Rental costs can be credited toward the purchase of a production unit

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