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Applications of Microfiltration Membranes

Microfiltration membranes are a viable option for the separation, purification, and concentration of large macromolecules. They are commonly used throughout the dairy and wastewater treatment industry either on their own or in addition to pretreatment options. Available in both spiral-wound and flat sheet membrane configurations, microfiltration membranes and filtration systems can be customized to meet specific application goals with efficiency. This flexibility opens up many possibilities in the development of specialty process applications across multiple industries.


MF - Dairy


  • Fat & microbial removal in WPC/WPI – High-quality whey protein concentrates and isolates can be separated in milk products through using microfiltration membranes in the last stage of fat and microbial removal.
  • Casein/whey fractionation – Microfiltration membranes are a cost-effective solution for the separation of valuable whey and casein proteins from milk.



Food & Beverage & Plant Extracts

  • Gelatin clarification – Clarification and fat/ microbial removal can be achieved through microfiltration and diafiltration in order to concentrate gelatin.
  • Wine clarification – As opposed to filtering wine with diatomaceous earth, turbidity and microbial stabilization can be achieved in an eco-friendly way via microfiltration.
  • Corn wet milling – Corn wet milling is a complex process used to separate all components of the corn kernel. Microfiltration in particular can be used to remove large solids and process gluten.
  • Beverage sterilization – Microfiltration can be used in place of heat to remove microbes and suspended solids found during the sterilization of beverages.
  • Plant extract clarification – Large pore sizes in microfiltration membranes make them ideal for clarifying and stabilizing plant extracts without the addition of solvents or additives.
MF - Industrial Process & Wastewater Thumbnail

Industrial Processes and Wastewater

  • Clarification of fermentation broths – Biomass can be retained from a suspended medium using microfiltration membranes which aid in the clarification of fermentation broths.
  • Industrial process wastewater treatment – Microfiltration membranes remain a viable option for the initial removal of large particulates, colloids, and bacteria found in wastewater.
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