Membrane Specsheets

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vapElectrocoat Industry

With over 20 years of experience in the ECoat industry, Synder Filtration has proven to be one of the top suppliers of membrane technology when it comes to Ultrafiltration elements, anode cells, and EDUF systems. As a manufacturer of both custom membranes and systems, we strive to provide quality products and reliable service for our customers around the world. With a full range of molecular weight cutoffs and element sizes for both cathodic and anodic paint baths, Synder can easily outfit any ECoat paint line with reliable ultrafiltration membrane elements.


The CMS allow users to monitor the amp draw of individual TechCELLs, an indicator of TechCELL performance and condition.

Monitoring TechCELL performance will assist in determining ideal configuration, and prevent product defects occurring in the paint bath.

The analog model(see fig.1) displays all amperage readings on individual analog on the panel while the PLC based model (see fig.2) displays all readings on an HMI.


The analog model allows the user to monitor individual TechCELL amp draw simultaneously through analog meters mounted on the enclosure.


The PLM based model, like the analog model, allows users to monitor multiple anode cells simultaneously, though a touch screen HMI.

Built in data logging feature allows the users to download, plot and analyze the data collected by the CMS.


No modification required for existing systems. The shunt sensors can be installed directly between the TechCELL and rectifier using existing quick connects (see fig.3).


Power from the rectifier passes through the shunt prior to entering the TechCELL., the resulting voltage drop across the shunt can then be measured and used to calculate amperage.

The signal from the shunt is then processed, and converted to amperage reading on the analog gauges or recorded into the PLC and displayed on the HMI.

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