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NFS Sulfate Removal Membrane

NFSTM – Synder’s New Nanofiltration Thin-film Composite Membrane Ideal for Sulfate Removal Applications

Synder Filtration is pleased to introduce NFSTM, a nanofiltration membrane specifically formulated to deliver superior sulfate rejection for applications such as water flood injection in the oil and gas industry. This membrane consistently produces greater flux vs. leading competitors, increasing efficiency and potentially reducing NF system footprint on offshore platforms.


Sulfate plays a major role in limiting oil recovery of by way of scaling caused by the precipitation of both barium sulfate and strontium sulfate. Additionally, sulfate serves as a primary source of sulfur in the formation of hydrogen sulfide, which results in oil well souring. As a result, several water treatment steps are necessary in order to minimize sulfate concentration prior to injection.

Nanofiltration is well-suited for the mitigation of scaling and souring caused by sulfate ions, due to the high rejection of divalent ions, like sulfate. Synder Filtration’s NFSTM membrane allows for greater efficiency in flux and rejection than ever before.

Model Polymer Approx. Molecular
Weight Cutoff
Typical Operating Flux1 Avg Na2SO4 Rejection Min MgSO4 Rejection1 Average NaCI
NFS Proprietary PA TFC 100-250Da 30-40 GFD 99.7% 99.5% 50-55%

1Test Conditions: 2,000ppm MgSO4 solution at 110PSI (760 kPa) operating pressure, 77° F (25° C)
2Test Conditions 2,000ppm Na2SO4 Solution at 110PSI (760 kPa) operating pressure, 77° F (25° C)
3Test Conditions 2,000ppm NaCI Solution at 110PSI (760 kPa) operating pressure, 77° F (25° C)

Synthetic Seawater Testing

NFSTM demonstrates superior sulfate rejection and flux performance versus leading competitors when tested with ASTM synthetic seasalt. In addition, the membrane exhibits a high-degree of mechanical strength, as well as excellent pH, temperature, and fouling resistance.

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