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Nanofiltration: Flat Sheet Membranes

Nanofiltration membranes have a molecular weight cut-off range of 100 – 800 Daltons, and reject solutes based on size and charge. NF membranes have the unique ability to reject multivalent ions, and varying degrees of monovalent ions, which is a useful tool in the process or chemical engineer’s “tool kit” of technology.

In certain high solids applications, flat sheet nanofiltration membrane provide excellent performance and membrane life vs. operating cost. Unlike hollow fiber membranes, flat sheet membranes have a very strong support material in which the polymeric membrane layer is rooted to that greatly increases physical durability.

Synder Filtration offers a complete line of dry and wet nanofiltration flat sheet membranes. With product sizes ranging from one square foot to thousands of linear feet, Synder can supply flat sheet NF membranes for process research, pilot testing, spiral element winding, and for use in plate & frame membrane systems.

Model Polymer Approx. Molecular
Weight Cutoff
Typical Operating Flux Avg Lactose Rejection1 Avg MgSO4 Rejection2 Avg NaCI
NFS Proprietary PA TFC 100-250Da 30-40 GFD 99.5% 99.5% 50.0%
NFX Proprietary PA TFC 150-300Da 20-25 GFD 99.0% 99.0% 40.0%
NFW Proprietary PA TFC 300-500Da 45-50 GFD 98.5% 97.0% 20.0%
NFG Proprietary PA TFC 600-800Da 55-60 GFD 60.0% 50.0% 10.0%

1Test Conditions: 2% Lactose solution at 110PSI (760 kPa) operating pressure, 77° F (25° C)
2Test Conditions 2,000ppm MgSO4 Solution at 110PSI (760 kPa) operating pressure, 77° F (25° C)
3Test Conditions 2,000ppm NaCI Solution at 110PSI (760 kPa) operating pressure, 77° F (25° C)

Synder holds a large inventory of flat sheet rolls in order to provide our customers with the fastest lead times possible.

Nanofiltration flat sheet membranes may also be provided in specific die cut patterns after an initial feasibility assessment is completed by Synder’s experienced technical staff. Please contact us for more information. You will receive a personal response from one of our experienced team members within 24 hours.

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