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Polymeric Membranes

Also available in Flat Sheets

Synder Filtration offers its complete line of Nanofiltration (NF), Ultrafiltration (UF) and Microfiltration (MF), membranes in a variety of different flat sheet and membranes roll options. With size ranging from one square foot to thousands of linear feet. Synder can supply membranes for all scales of testing research and production with exceptionally fast leads times.

Membrane Type Polymer Molecular Weight Cut-Off
NFS NF TFC 100-250
NFX NF TFC 150-300
NFW NF TFC 300-500
NFG NF TFC 600-800
XT UF* PES 1,000
VT UF* PES 3,000
MT UF* PES 5,000
ST UF* PES 10,000
SM UF* PES 20,000
MK UF* PES 30,000
MQ UF* PES 50,000
LY UF* PES 100,000
LV UF* PES 200,000
LX UF* PES 300,000
PZ UF PAN 30,000
PY UF PAN 100,000
PX UF PAN 400,000
V3 UF*1 PVDF 30,000
V4 UF*1 PVDF 70,000
V5 UF*1 PVDF 200,000
V6 UF*1 PVDF 500,000
V7 UF*1 PVDF 800,000
BN UF* PVDF 50,000
BY UF* PVDF 100,000
BX UF* PVDF 250,000
A6 UF* PVDF 500,000
FR MF* PVDF 800,000
V0.1 MF* PVDF 0.1um
V0.2 MF* PVDF 0.2um
“MAX (High Temperature/High pH) Models Also Available
1Not Approved for Use in Food Contact Application

Model Information

Size Wet/Dry Notes
12″x12″ Both Available Custom Size / Shapes Available
1mx1m Both Available Custom Size / Shapes Available
Dry Roll Dry Only 800 Linear Foot Minimum
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