Synder Filtration featured on “How It’s Made”

Have you ever wondered how many steps go into making a spiral-wound membrane element? Now’s your chance to find out! Science Channel’s “How It’s Made” television show aired an episode featuring “Membrane Filtration” on one of their segments. The entire video was shot at Synder Filtration’s Headquarters in Vacaville, CA, and the filtration element featured in the video is on display at Synder HQ.

With over 81,000 views on Youtube, click below to view the video and see how an element is made!

How It’s Made – Synder Filtration

For the past seasons, “How It’s Made” has been offering viewers an insight into how everyday products are made by exploring factories throughout the world and showcasing multiple stages of manufacturing and production. We are honored to have been chosen to take part in this educational program!

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