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Cross Flow Ultrafiltration Technology

Cross Flow Ultrafiltration (also known as Tangential Flow Ultrafiltration) is a separation process where the feed stream is in parallel to the membrane surface, which helps to control the formation of the gel layer, greatly improving flux stability and membrane life vs. perpendicular flow systems.

UF1A - Sanitary Elements Showcase UF1 - Industrial Elements Showcase UF2 - Perpendicular vs Crossflow

Synder Filtration currently offers over a dozen different types of ultrafiltration filters, all of which exhibit excellent pH and temperature resistance in addition to low fouling tendencies. Here are some common applications of Synder’s UF membrane technology:



  • Whey Protein Concentrate/Isolate concentration
  • Milk protein concentration/standardizing
  • Brine clarification
  • Casein/Whey Fractionation

Biotech / Pharmaceutical

  • Enzyme/protein concentration
  • Endotoxin & pyrogen removal
  • Antibiotics production
  • Blood plasma processing

Food & Beverage

  • Gelatin concentration & purification
  • Plant extract processing
  • Corn wet milling
  • Fruit juice concentration

Automotive / Industrial

  • Electrocoat painting
  • Industrial wastewater treatment

Synder offers a comprehensive application development program to help our customers determine actual UF membrane performance on their specific application. Custom membrane development may even be available if required. Please contact us for more information. You will receive a personal response from one of our experienced team members within 24 hours.

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