Synder Introduces “LV Membrane” (PES 200kDa)

Synder Filtration announces the addition of LV, the newest PES-based membrane in our wide range of ultrafiltration elements. With a molecular weight cut-off of ~200kDa, LV will act as an intermediary between the current LY (PES 100kDa) and LX (PES 300kDa) membranes. Consistent with characteristics of the other membranes in Synder’s ultrafiltration line, LV shows stable flux, consistent rejection, and high mechanical strength and integrity. With one of the widest range of molecular weight cut-offs available, Synder’s ultrafiltration PES membranes continue to offer excellent resistance to pH, temperature, and fouling, in addition to an optimal balance of flux and rejection.

Synder’s PES ultrafiltration membranes are used in a wide spectrum of industries. LV in particular can be used specifically for applications requiring larger, more open pore sizes. LV membranes may be applied in dairy, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and many other industries as well. The addition of LV to Synder’s ultrafiltration membrane line provides customers even more flexibility in selecting a membrane that best suits their separation needs.

With more than 20 years of experience in the membrane filtration industry, Synder continues to provide timely, knowledgeable, and friendly service, with a focus on specialty process applications. In addition, elements can be customized to fit unique housing specifications and are delivered with unparalleled lead times. Call or email Synder today for more information about products and services offered.
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