Synder Filtration to Launch sulfate removal technology at American Water Summit 2014 Pre-Conference Oil & Gas Workshop.

The American Water Summit 2014 Pre-Conference workshop is on October 22nd. The focus is on Connecting Water Technologies with the Oilfield, and presentations will be made by E&Ps and oilfield/water service companies. The presentations reflect on immediate water management challenges, technology choices and procurement decisions that will help attendees better understand end-user needs and how they can succeed in the oilfield. Synder will be in attendance to launch and discuss a case study pertaining to the challenge of sulfate removal during water flooding processes.

As global demand rises, nanofiltration technology has become essential throughout the oil and gas industry by improving the efficiency of water flooding processes and enhancing oil recovery. Water injection solutions must have low concentrations of sulfate in order to prevent barium sulfate and strontium sulfate scaling. In addition, high sulfate concentrations can lead to the formation of hydrogen sulfide, which results in oil well souring. Synder Filtration nanofiltration membranes offer superior sulfate removal, and are an ideal solution to both sulfate scaling and oil well souring.

The results of this study indicate that NFS nanofiltration membrane demonstrates superior sulfate rejection and flux performance versus a leading competitor in a feed stream comprised of ASTM D1141-52 synthetic sea salt. Throughout the duration of the study, NFS had an average sulfate rejection of greater than 99.5% compared to 99.2% rejection observed for the leading competitor. More noticeable was the increased flux observed for NFS, which was approximately 25-30% greater overall, and lower flux decay which was ~33% for NFS and ~50% for the leading competitor.

These results indicate that Synder’s NFS nanofiltration membrane is suitable for EOR techniques and sulfate removal applications throughout the oil and gas industry.

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