Novel MF Method for Producing Soluble Casein Isolate from Acidified Milk

Researchers at the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research (WCDR) recently developed a new method to produce a soluble casein isolate, also known as modified milk protein concentrate (MPC), from acidified milk. The soluble casein isolate contains more soluble caseins and has a lower mineral content, achieved using microfiltration processes. Some of the benefits resulting from this non-traditional method include the following:

  • Excellent heat stability, emulsification, and whipping properties
  • More cost effective and efficient compared to traditional methods
  • Lower turbidity, ideal for use in clear beverages

Successful pilot testing has been performed at WCDR using Synder’s V0.2 (PVDF 0.2um) microfiltration elements. During these tests, researchers found that this process was able to yield products that met the codex standards for caseinates. Casein isolate rehydrated to a 5% total solids content also had less turbidity compared to commercial sodium caseinate, making it ideal for beverage manufacturers. The PDF below has the full abstract of the data collected during the MF testing.

ADSA Poster-2015

The Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research (WCDR) is an internationally known dairy research center and the largest within the U.S. If you are interested in producing products that contain soluble casein isolate, or want to learn more about this novel method, please contact Mike Molitor – Innovator (Milk & Whey)/Process Plant Manager ( / (608) 265-5919).

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