30 year Anniversary

Dear Valued Customers,

As we joyously commemorate three decades of commitment to excellence, Synder Filtration extends its heartfelt gratitude to our valued customers. Your unwavering support has been a driving force behind our journey of growth and innovation. Guided by our founding philosophy, we remain dedicated to delivering quality, flexibility, and exceptional service as an independent, family-owned entity. While expanding into new industries, our roots in these principles remain steadfast. Here’s to 30 years of partnership and the promise of many more years of cutting-edge liquid separation technology!

This 30-year milestone is not just a celebration of our company’s history; it’s a testament to the enduring legacy of innovation that defines Synder Filtration. From our humble beginnings to our current position as leaders in membrane technology, each year has been marked by a commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new industry standards. As we reflect on our journey, we’re excited about the future possibilities and the continued impact our advanced liquid separation solutions will have on diverse industries.

Best regards,
The Synder Team

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