Synder Filtration manufactures spiral-wound nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration membrane elements and systems with a focus on industrial process applications worldwide. Established in 1994, Synder is a privately-held, independent family business that prioritizes building long term customer relationships over short term financial gains. We are rooted in doing business “the right way” and this is what you should expect from Synder every single day: Membranes That Perform. People Who Deliver.TM


“What stands out for Fonterra is the consistency of membrane performance and first class support.” ~ Mark, Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited
"By delivering the elements the same day, crisis was averted. It was a challenge well met and deeply appreciated."~ Mark, GEA Process Engineering Inc.
"Given the length of...shut down, this was an incredible recovery and serves as an excellent example of these membranes resistance to fouling from cathodic paint." ~ Chuck, American Showa Inc.

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Synder Filtration is was recently featured in the cheese market news industry journal … // READ ARTICLE

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