Electrocoat Industry

With over 20 years of experience in the ECoat industry, Synder Filtration has proven to be one of the top suppliers of membrane technology when it comes to Ultrafiltration (UF) elements, anode cells, and EDUF systems. As a manufacturer of both custom membranes and systems, we strive to provide quality products and reliable service for our customers around the world. With a full range of molecular weight cutoffs and element sizes for both cathodic and anodic paint baths, Synder can easily outfit any ECoat paint line with reliable ultrafiltration membrane elements.


Beginning in the late 1950’s, electrodeposition methods were developed to improve the corrosion resistance in automotive parts. Today, nearly all automotive manufacturers use this process to coat automotive components worldwide.

In cathodic paint applications, anode cells are used to apply a direct current to the paint bath, allowing the positively charged paint particles to become attracted to the cathode, also known as the item that is being painted.  The anode cells also remove excess acid within the paint bath, in order to maintain the paint chemistry and pH, and the Ultrafiltration elements are able to recover paint solids and provide a clean rinse solution for closed loop systems.


Synder offers a complete suite of membrane products for the ECoat industry and our UF membranes have become a world standard across the electrocoat paint industry. Aside from our specially designed V-Series Ultrafiltration elements which are well suited for any cathodic paint bath, we offer custom built electrodeposition ultrafiltration (EDUF) systems which guarantee optimal performance for your paint process. This premium quality product is achieved through a collaborative effort between our engineers and customers. Synder is proud to have a majority of automotive system installations in North America.

Synder’s TechCELL anode cell was specifically designed to optimize the electrocoating process. This tubular anode cell design is the preferred style or industrial ECoat lines, due to a wider range of throw angles and part coverage. The SuperCELL is a heavy duty, light weight, one piece C-Cell anode cell designed for optimum paint coverage in larger electrocoat paint tanks. SuperCELL offers incredible efficiency and performance with 100% of the cell facing the job and is thus the most economic option for large volume paint tanks.

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Synder’s V-Series of ultrafiltration membranes have a proprietary hydrophilic charge that repels paint particles while promoting maximum flux rates and reduced fouling. They are commonly used within the electrocoating process for paint recovery, and can be easily installed into existing plants.

V-Series for Cathodic Paint Recovery



Synder offers a comprehensive application development program including feasibility testing for new specialty process applications. Please contact us for more information. You will receive a personal response from one of our experienced team members within 24 hours.